Your Gifts are Needed

Question: are you using your gifts & talents in ministry, serving Christ & his people? There are so many ways to serve, including:

Sunday Operations

Including Altar Guild, Acolytes, Ushering & Greeting, Reading the Scripture & Leading the Prayers, serving as a Lay Eucharistic Minister at the alter rail

Children & Youth Ministry

Serving the youngest in our midst is a vital ministry for Christ Church. If you are interested in either of these age groups please contact Tina McGee or David Beadle

Newcomer Ministry

Work with Laura Zeiher to ensure that we invite, welcome, & connect people well

Land, Grounds, & Pavilion

Work with Tim Quinn & others, to ensure that our facilities are safe & beautiful!

Outdoor Events

Join Tony Patterson in his many efforts to create great outdoor parties!

Music Ministry

Serve with Robert Finney on our Worship Team

Women’s Ministry

Serve with Debby Hardin, Brittany Beadle & Whitney Patterson in the St. Teresa Guild/Women's Depth Group

Hospitality Ministry

Serve with Kathy Clark & others to make food & create a welcoming environment for folks

Justice Ministry

We are praying & planning for ways to be intentional about advocating for justice in Smith County & beyond

Episcopal Health Foundation

With Dr. Paul Wick, you could play a role in bringing health & wellness to our community!

Prayer Ministry

Serve with Ann Short and the Daughters of the King, covering our ministry & the whole church & world with loving prayer.


At Christ Church, we believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ calls us to serve others. That's why we not only have vibrant ministry opportunities within our church, but we also partner with organizations that we believe embody the mission of God. We encourage you to not only serve in our local body, but to also partner with other ministries that are doing God's work. Here are a few ways you can serve at Christ Church and with our ministry partners:

Believe & See

Believe & See gives sight to blind Africans that have little or no means to seek treatment, and select patients to empower in a program teaching modern agriculture. Supporting a holistic model, we bring a patient out of their village blind, and strive to return them as a contributing member of the community.

Contact information: The Rev. Matt Boulter, Member of the Board of Directors at or (903) 944-8494.

Bethesda Health Clinic

Bethesda Health Clinic is a Christ-centered ministry with a bold mission: to provide affordable, high-quality care for those in need in Smith County, Texas. For more information click here.

Loaves & Fishes

Loaves and Fishes provides meals to the homeless, poor and working poor of Tyler.

This ministry, established over thirteen years ago, serves on average 75 meals each Thursday evening in our parish hall. Four different teams of 8-10 Christ Church volunteers cook, serve, and clean every Thursday to provide this ministry.

Meals on Wheels

Several Christ Church members participate in this ministry by delivering meals to the elderly and disabled of Tyler.

For more information, click here.

North Tyler Developmental Academy

North Tyler Day Nursery provides daycare for young children of parents who are working or attending college. North Tyler Day Nursery was started 74 years ago and has always aimed to provide a weekday program to young children and their families of all races, ethnic origins and economic backgrounds. Our programs foster the development and enhancement of the whole child. We help children attain emotional, social, physical and intellectual strengths for them to succeed in the next stage of their lives. Fees are based on family income with a sliding scale formula. Our center is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 to 5:30. We are currently enrolling children eighteen months to five years of age. They will be served breakfast, hot lunch and an afternoon snack.

3000 N. Border, Tyler, TX75702

Dates and Times:
Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm

List of Officers:
Jim Wooldridge-President, Thorndike Lewis-Vice President, Melba Wilson-Secretary, Michael Hubbard-Treasurer, Sandra Allen-Asst. Secretary

Contact List & Volunteer Opportunities:
Sonja Watson 903-592-3671

Jim Wooldridge
3000 N. Border, Tyler, TX75702


With roots in this parish, this community service organization works to meet critical and basic human needs, with a special emphasis on emergency assistance for those in crisis. Christ Church donates money each year to PATH (People Attempting to Help) and several Christ Church members volunteer in PATH's programs. For more information click here.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army of Tyler is serious about "Doing the Most Good" by using the resources entrusted to them responsibly and for God's glory. For more information, click here.

Samaritan Counseling Center of Tyler

The Samaritan Counseling Center provides counseling for you or someone that you love. For more information, click here.

United Thank Offering Coordinator 

Have you ever wondered what those little blue boxes are that you see around the church?  They're the collection boxes for the Episcopal Church's United Thank Offering. It's an easy way to give financial support bit by bit as we go through our daily lives in thankfulness for the blessings and challenges in our lives.  These collections are taken up twice a year. 

Please consider being a part of this wonderful mission by coordinating the bi-yearly collections.